About Us

We are a team of brilliant data scientists and machine learning enthusiasts who are passionate about machine learning and visual analytics to accelerate business

Our Mission

Our mission is to help businesses to embark on the data to insights journey using machine learning algorithms and advanced statistical techniques to sift through enormous amounts of data and extract actionable insights to bring innovations in business. Auxtend promises revolution by implementing AI-based solutions to the business problems.

Our Approach


We first assess the customer needs and business challenges to identify opportunities for harnessing the power of data to get a competitive advantage.


After determining the customer needs and market dynamics, we come up with an action plan to improve business outcomes leveraging data insights


We engage in rapid prototyping to create the minimum viable product, and then use an iterative approach to obtain a reliable and accurate model to meet business requirements


Integrate machine learning models into your existing products and services.

Ongoing Support

After all this in action, we provide ongoing support for enhancements and improvements, as well as tracking and monitoring of the model state.

Our Values

  • Smart people: We prioritize getting things done the smart way

  • Professionalism: We have a serious committed tone towards our clients

  • Synergy: We create synergy among the team with consistent communication

  • Availability: We are always just one message away and respond to our clients at the earliest

  • Out-of-box thinking: We use uncharted waters to make sure our clients are always a step ahead

  • Customer-centric: We value and respect our clients and appreciate feedback for continuous improvement